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Twenty-two studies introduce the books of the New Testament, their authorship, contents and dating. Consideration is given to their text and canonisation. The perspective of the studies is not devotional, but they will lead to helpful thoughts - and practical application with the questions page.

The studies are in lecture-note form and have a concise, to-the-point quality. Headings and subheadings indicate areas of interest. Endnotes provide the source of citations, and suggest further reading. The endnotes are renumbered for each study, although textbook details may be abbreviated once full details are given for the first time.


The studies make use of a number of books, the basic textbook being Merrill C.Tenney's New Testament Survey (which is widely used in Bible Colleges). supported in the main by Robert H.Gundry's A Survey of the New Testament. The bibliography provides a list of useful textbooks. Some books may well be revised and republished (see web sites for details). [1] Obtain one of these books for serious study.

Private study

A page of questions and suggestions is added to promote thought and application. We suggest you print each study out and add your own comments to them. Underline important points and scriptures. Add questions you might like to ask in group studies.

The Word of God

The Bible is divinely inspired and will convey the mind and power of God as its pages are studied prayerfully. Look to the Holy Spirit for inspiration and help. We need his ministry to open our minds to divine truth (Jn.14:26; Lk.24:45).

God bless you as you study His Word.

Vernon Ralphs

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