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Recently Rolf Harris introduced a series on TV (BBC) entitled "Star Portraits". In each programme three portrait painters painted a well-known personality. It was fascinating to see how each artist caught a different aspect of their sitter's personality on canvas.

The same can be said of the Gospel writers and their depiction of the Lord Jesus. Together they present a complementary witness to Jesus Christ.

Each Gospel contains a rich, multilayered Christology, but our studies consider their main focus (Matthew represents the Messiah; Mark the Servant of the Lord, Luke Jesus the Saviour, and John the Son of God).

The realisation of the individual perspectives and writing styles of the Evangelists should make us aware that the inspiration of Scripture was no mechanical process. The writers were not word processors! The Holy Spirit did not override human interests and abilities - rather he used them to produce three dynamic portraits of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This truth reminds us that nobody can claim a monopoly on God's truth. God shares his self revelation. Our fellowship with fellow Christians will be enriched as we share our knowledge and experience of the Lord.

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