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Evaluation of college courses often involve projects and essays.  Essay projects (of say, 4,000 words (+/- 100 words) give students the opportunity to research a subject that is meaningful to them.  As a teacher or student you might like to consider the following titles:


1. Give an account of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the life and ministry of Jesus in the Third Gospel.

2. Examine the significance of the Holy Spirit in the Lucan nativity stories.

3. Discuss the charismatic significance of the baptism and anointing of Jesus in Luke 3:21-22.

4. Evaluate the significance of Jesus' sermon at Nazareth in Luke 4:16-30.

5. Explain the concepts of "authority" (exousia) and "power" (dunamis) in the Lucan writings.

6. Describe Luke's portrayal of Jesus as a charismatic prophet.

7. Review the presence of the Spirit in the life and ministry of the Jerusalem church.

8. Illustrate the significance of the Spirit in one of Paul's missionary journeys.

9. Compare the ministries of Jesus and Peter (or Paul) in Luke-Acts.

10. Describe the ministry of the Spirit and the concept of mission in Luke-Acts.






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